Will you be my valentine?


Let’s age together like fine bottled wine


Your smile, spreads joy like the ocean,
sets my heart-beats in the motion,
Like a rhythm divine, love’s like aged wine,
It may get a little bitter but it taste so fine,

Win or loose, doesn’t seem to matter ,
All I want, is to be with you forever,
Would you mind, if we go out sometime,
To the withered green, below the starry skies,

You’ve blossomed like a beautiful rose,
Your love’s like a drug with a daily dose,
The bond we share grows and never dies,
Oh its so peaceful it’s just like paradise.

You see my soul deep through your eyes,
There’s no place else my love lies,
The grace of your face is epitome of moonshine,
Dear, will you be my valentine?

Akbar dhamani

About the author

Akbar Dhamani

i am an open book, you may read as you wish to write.

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