When I see your face

When I see your face
I remember the stars in the sky,
I wanna touch you with grace
I wish that I could just fly

When your hair blows in the breeze
My heart… skips a beat,
When you walk in the rain
My soul starts to sing..

You are the treat to my eye
I wanna look at you all the time
It may all seem so crazy to you
But it is so hard to find a girl like you

I wanna walk with you to the shores
Take you to places you not been before
Will you just hold my hand
And travel without plans

Never been so curious about my life
Only you keep popping in my mind
Even my dreams are filled of you
All I want is my dreams to come true.

By :- Akbar Dhamani

About the author

Akbar Dhamani

i am an open book, you may read as you wish to write.

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