Secret to happiness

I really wonder sometimes what is it that makes u real happy, having hundreds and thousands friends and followers on your facebook /instagram or name of people whom u can count on your fingers but you can rely on them anytime you want.
What is it that satisfies you the most? You go in a party and know 90 percent of the people or 2-3 people you can sit all night with and talk to. Life is full of people around you but what makes it complete is the people with you. So don’t waste your time and energy knowing people instead spend it on whom it matters, your parents, your friends because its the best you’ve made out of your life cos even if you have million dollars in your account it wont make a difference unless and until you have people to spend it for or on them. You may live in a 10 room bungalow or a 3 BHK flat,you still need people to make it home. A home where u can come from work or college and relax, A place which makes u smile just looking at the people you care the most and knowing that they are happy just to see u back,A pet that awaits and excited to see you every time you open doors. A place where u can say, “Honey, I am home.”

We may spend all our life competing in schools , colleges, work , and try to earn respect honor and money which are the need for a living, but without the real one’s who actually appreciate without getting jealous or envy are the one’s who adore you for what you are and not for what you have. We often make mistakes in analyzing people or measuring people on account of credibility and profitability, leave those numbers and reason at your work or college academics. Numbers are only good till it is considered in monetary terms. I know that is much comfortable to cry in an BMW rather than a bicycle but then drinking alone in a lounge is not better than drinking at a local cheap bar with your friends, Spending thousands on restaurants for food and clothes cannot satisfy you more than a walk with your loved one across a beach in the morning.

So I say, think about it once whom u wanna fool? Others or yourself by saying that you happy being lonely and you don’t need anybody in your life. because if someone really says this is either a lunatic or a psychopath killer. So make every one happy, spread the joy, share your happiness and sorrows, bother people with your stupid jokes and lousy comments and lazy actions . No matter how foolish you look sometimes or how insane you can be? But then those moments are gonna be with you forever making you smile and leaving tears in your eye when you are old and it will be very hard not to share it with one who’ll love you the most then.

So I say make such memories, Break your laptop on a friends forehead( don’t try that, it will cost u a lot…literally!!) drink from the evening till the dawn and play poker all night, go for parties and crash out in front of the most sophisticated people, play pranks- pick calls of yours friends boyfriend/girlfriend and talk as if you’re them, share your happiest and saddest moments of your life, get sentimental after drinking, go on long drives for 200 km just to pick a friend of your’s or stand below the balcony of your loved one for hours just to see her once. Go bonkers, live life, listen to your heart , act crazy, do crazy , laugh without a reason, because this will be the moments that will cherish you and motivate you and make you happy, cos there will be somethings that you’ll always be too old enough to do, and the best reason “COS ITS WORTH IT!!! “

By :- Akbar Dhamani

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Akbar Dhamani

i am an open book, you may read as you wish to write.

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