Life without you.

                        “Life without you.”
“I’ll prefer to die in pain,
 my life would pass by in vain,
 no one ever understands,
 that love is made for sacrifice,
 and i will give it in your name.”
 Many times i wonder why,
 has love made me blind,
 everything disappears when,
 your face appears
 right in front of my eyes.
Sorry for what I’ve said ,
 i never meant in that way,
 please forgive me for a while,
 just lemme say a thing,
 that you are going to only be mine. 
I really really love you,
 i really can’t help myself to do,
 called you up so many times,
 and i m still waiting for you
 to just say please be mine.
All those days we had,
 makes me feel glad,
 but when i look today,
 at my life without you,
 i just feel sorry and sad.
It feels like million years,
 since your voice reached my ears,
 i don’t know how i’ll,
 survive without you but ,
 will willingly die for your tears.
                                                                        -Akbar dhamani

About the author

Akbar Dhamani

i am an open book, you may read as you wish to write.


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