I wish..

I wish to walk endless nights, to the beach,
I wish to talk to you ,even in my dreams,
I glance upon you every single moment that I breathe,
I still remember the look of every time we meet…

Two years have passed and the time flee,
We laughed, we fought, now we smile and we weep,
We gained, we lost, we nurtured ,we learned as we lead,
The tables turned, the world moved and heart throbbed n skipped

The love rose to the heavens sky and dropped under six feet
Words were made to feel better and tears found their way with guilt
Chased behind, ran forward without knowing where to be,
all these could’ve never happen without thee,

Imperfect I am but I know for you how I feel ,
You’re the only medication for me that could heal
I’m sorry for all the trouble I put you in willing and unwillingly,
All I could wish that you forget me once for the last time,
So I could wish you the most loving till eternity a happy anniversary



-akbar dhamani

About the author

Akbar Dhamani

i am an open book, you may read as you wish to write.

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