I still remember…

“I still remember those days,

when i used to live with friends.


Sun shined bright and god seemed glad ,

a beautiful face in my dreams, i had.

Drunken eyes and few spoken words,

enough for me to live like nuts.


People called it love, people called it infatuation,

but for me it was ‘proceed with caution’.

Right from the first ray to the dawn,

i tried to meet her wherever found.


And one day our eyes met,

it was like a lovely sunset.

Red light sparkling in her eyes,

was a very splendid surprise.


I felt like running towards her

but saw someone else right next to her.

My jaws felt open and a tear rolled out of my eye,

with millions pound on my heart, i said ‘hi’.


She saw me and just smiled,

i asked god, ‘cant she be mine ??’

Then i remembered some saying by a priest,

“couples are made in heaven and every beauty had its beast.”


Walking away from there,i realized it was her choice,

i just couldn’t be worth of her prize.

Trying to forget her, started making me sick,

i couldn’t help myself , i just couldn’t think.


All those days of drinks and cries waited for a light,

my drunken world got over that very night.

I saw her alone waiting for someone ,

said to myself i need to be the one.


Rushing towards her i spoke from my heart,

‘ i know i m drunk but please don’t depart,

i know you don’t like me but if you listen please,

you can go then ,first just let me finish.


I care for you and i have feelings, could be love but not a fling,

though i’ll never meet you again and wont say a thing.’

I just turn back and she said ‘wait!

even i want to say what i never said.


I like you from the day i saw you in coll,

but couldn’t express my feeling at all.’

She didn’t say a thing that time,

her eyes were wet like wine.


So i tell my friends if you love someone any how,

just go and express yourself right there right now!

Otherwise it will be late and you will suffer,

or get your love forever and ever.”

– Akbar Dhamani

About the author

Akbar Dhamani

i am an open book, you may read as you wish to write.


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