I know….

” I know…”

I have something to say ,its not just a confess,
I’m standing on a lonely street, you a damsel in distress,
I want you, i need you… till the end of days,
but i promise one day ill have you anyways.

I know i’m a bad one ,but you can change me,

I know i’m not the one ,but you can make me .

I know how does it feel,like your soul has just been killed,
wanderlust people call me, they no nothing,the emptiness feeds,
loosing all things i had now i feel with you i’m closer,
the only thing i wish ever is to hold her

i know i’m a bad one,but you can change me ,

i know i’m not the one ,but you can make me .

let me make you mine forever,then i wont let you go anywhere,
you'll be in my arms whole day,and your tears will be found nowhere.
please come, i beg of you,
don't go anywhere, i will always love you.

i know i'm a bad one,but u can change me,
i know i'm not the one,but u can make me .

                                              Akbar dhamani.


About the author

Akbar Dhamani

i am an open book, you may read as you wish to write.

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